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Build a double terrace container house with a sense of design


"To introduce the latest design of our DXH Container House Limited - a detached home with a double deck terrace on top that offers a unique blend of comfort, style and freedom.

Build a double terrace container house with a sense of design 1

Our new design is ideal for those looking for a modern and flexible living space. In a detached home, you can enjoy privacy and tranquility while still being connected to your surroundings. The double-storey terrace adds an extra touch of luxury and offers plenty of space for relaxing outdoors, entertaining, or simply enjoying the breathtaking views. In the outdoor field or farm, the countryside can choose our container house design. On the first floor, we use three containers, which can be used as a place for crops or outdoor tools, vehicles, or a large gathering place for entertainment.

Build a double terrace container house with a sense of design 2

Our container houses are designed with functionality in mind and can withstand all weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. The use of high-quality materials guarantees a comfortable living experience with excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. According to the demand, we can use detachable container houses, flat pack container houses or flat pack folding container houses, these are the hottest products in our factory, sales are tens of thousands of units per year. You absolutely do not have to worry about quality, after-sales problems do not have to worry! We provide one year of quality service free of charge for containers sold. As long as there is any quality problem, you can find us, we will actively solve for you without charging any fees.

Build a double terrace container house with a sense of design 3

In addition, in addition to good quality, after-sales support, our containers are also very good in terms of price and aesthetics. Our factory has been established for 22 years, in terms of production speed and price are well controlled, we can produce tens of thousands of sets a month. After years of production, in addition to the pursuit of quality and price, we also make the container very beautiful and practical, the details do the best. Details determine success or failure! Serve every customer! Is the corporate culture of our factory.

Build a double terrace container house with a sense of design 4

In addition to being beautiful, our container houses are also environmentally friendly. Our containers use environmentally friendly materials that have no impact on the environment, and the modular nature of our design allows for easy expansion or relocation, making them a versatile option for those looking for flexible living solutions.

Build a double terrace container house with a sense of design 5

Here, a new detached house designed by DXH Container House LTD., experiences the joy and freedom of life. Contact us now! Learn more about our innovative container homes and start your journey into modern and sustainable living Spaces!"

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