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Main products
DXH focuses on providing integrated housing solutions for builders, design institutes, developers, and building material traders. We offers all kinds of prefab houses, it can meet the needs of home, catering, office, hotel, hospital, etc. prefab Our container house assembly is quick and easy, and it can handle a range of climates.
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The Company Has Always Been Pursing High Quality Of Prefabricated Houses

As one of the professional prefabricated house manufacturers,  DXH specialized in container houses and provides custom services. 

With over 10 years of experience in integrated housing manufacturing and foreign trade, DXH has a strong design, research and development, sales, and after-sales team, as well as over 100 production and installation personnel. Our products mainly consist of assembled containers, and we also have production technology for folding and expandable container home, with quality control at all levels!

DXH's vision is to give everyone a warm home.

With 10+ years of experience
Has nearly 200 employees
Production area of over 60000 square meters
Sells about 500 units of container home per day
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Services we provide
DXH Container House will build the most suitable custom container house for customers based on their actual scenario and size requirements. Throughout the entire OEM/ODM process, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to exceed their expectations.
◎   We provide engineered 3D designs by 3D printer to meet your ideas.
    Its thermal resistance meets the American ASTM standard.
   High cost-effective , good quality custom prefab houses with favorable price
   We select raw material suppliers carrying the certificates that 100% guarantee the materials do no harm to the environment.
   24*7customer service ,high responsibility for after-sale
Custom Prefab Houses
Container House Manufacturers
focusing on development of new products
In order to adapt to market development and demands, the original prefabricated container house have been continuously upgraded to current models, like foldable container house ,expandable house, detachable container house, flat pack container house and so on. Applicable to various scenarios, like Construction Site, office, Mining Site, Oil Field,Personal use.

DXH Container House has been committed to providing one-stop solutions for low-rise custom container house.

Focuses on architectural design, production, storage, transportation, installation guidance and after-sales service, striving to create value for customers, employees and the whole society.
Strive To Become An Advanced Container House Manufacturer!
About DXH Container House

DXH Container House is one of the  innovative container house manufacturers that recognizes the importance of change and constantly seeks new opportunities to improve and evolve.

Currently, it has nearly 200 employees and production area of over 60000 square meters. It produces and sells about 500 units of shipping container home per day, with an annual output and sales of over 80000 units. with strong technical team, experienced designers, professional installation and excellent after-sales maintenance personnel, attracts customers all over the world, including USA,German, Russia, France, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Southeast Asia, middle east and south Africa.

An annual output and sales
Guarantee the materials
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DXH container house-Prefabricated House Manufacturers
Our factory
The prefabricated house factory has always been pursing high quality of modular container house , strive to become an advanced prefabricated house manufacturer in the construction area.
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Company News
With professional technology and dedicated service, as well as the advantages of convenient installation and transportation, the market demand of the company's mobile prefab house products has increased year by year, and the market share has gradually expanded. 
Prefabricated houses are modular houses that are crafted in factories and later moved and erected on-site. These houses are important constituents in American housing society, and they are valued for the perks they come with. Not only can you save up to 50% of the cost that you could have invested in less than a similar-sized site-built home. Wondering what are the other advantages of Prefab houses and why you should get one? Hop inside this ultimate guide to find out!
2024 06 06
With the rise of the prefab houses’ popularity, Expandable Container House are also getting the spotlight for being fully functional portable houses. Though you might think of their portability as the only benefit, there are loads more these houses offer. Moreover, their working and construction process is also quite interesting. So, if you are interested in exploring all about expandable container homes, this guide has got you covered.
2024 06 06
Introducing the groundbreaking concept of detachable container houses, our article explores the diverse application scenarios these innovative structures offer in everyday life. Discover how these versatile homes add flexibility and convenience to urban living, presenting endless possibilities for affordable housing solutions, temporary shelters, and eco-friendly construction. Explore the limitless potential of detachable container houses and revolutionize the way you view modern living.
2024 05 01
Introducing the revolutionary concept of Capsule Container Houses – the new-age solution that combines style, sustainability, and endless possibilities. This show-stopping innovation offers a host of advantages, catering to the needs of modern living. From its compact yet functional design to its eco-friendly and cost-effective features, discover how capsule container houses are redefining the future of housing. Get ready to be amazed by this game-changing trend!
2024 04 24
Are you curious about the growing popularity of Apple cabins? Wondering what makes them so desirable? Look no further! In this article, we will delve into the reasons why more and more people are choosing Apple cabins and explore the unique advantages that these cabins offer. Get ready to discover the captivating appeal of Apple cabins and unlock the ultimate travel experience.
2024 04 12
Introducing the fascinating concept of container houses, which effortlessly aligns with the new trends in the house of the future. This article explores how these innovative dwellings are capable of adapting to the evolving housing industry. Discover how container houses blend sustainability, practicality, and affordability seamlessly, impressing users with their eco-friendly construction, versatility, and ability to fulfill the upcoming housing needs of tomorrow.
2024 04 02
Looking for a compact yet stylish housing solution? Look no further! In this article, we'll be showcasing the common interior layout of a 20ft expandable container house. Whether you're drawn to its space-saving design or its trendy light luxury decorations, this article has got you covered. Come and explore the impressive features of this versatile dwelling, perfect for modern living.
2024 03 30
Introducing the Advantages of Expandable Container Houses! Discover why these innovative homes are gaining immense popularity worldwide. In this article, we will highlight the key selling points of expandable houses, known for their dual-wing design. From their flexibility and cost-effectiveness to their sustainable construction, explore the remarkable benefits that make expandable container houses the ideal choice for modern living. Start your journey into the world of expandable houses now!
2024 03 23
Introducing the concept of using multiple prefabricated containers to create a unique villa. By combining these containers, users can design a customized living space that suits their needs and preferences. This innovative approach allows for flexible usage scenarios, such as creating eco-friendly homes, holiday retreats, or even portable offices, adding a modern twist to traditional construction methods.
2023 12 09
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DXH Container House as a professional prefabricated container house manufacturer which provides prefabricated houses and container houses and custom service.
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