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Detachable Container House

Detachable container house is one kind of prefab house. It is composed of frame and a wall panels, without welding, and is completely fixed with screws. It is often used as a dormitory for workers on construction sites. It is durable, quick to disassemble and easy to transport. 

Expandable modular house has the following advantages:

Convenient transportation: suitable for units that frequently change construction sites; can be bulk-packed or integrally hoisted. 

Stable and firm: modular container house processed from galvanized steel, it has strong resistance to deformation.

Affordable price: strong and durable, long life cycle, can be used repeatedly.

Good sealing performance: the strict manufacturing process makes this flat pack container house have good water tightness.

Wide range of uses: suitable for temporary housing, temporary offices, temporary warehouses, workers' dormitories, tourist attractions, online celebrity check-ins.

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