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Sandwich Panel

A sandwich panel is a type of composite material that consists of two outer layers (skins) and a core material in between. The skins are typically made of metal, such as steel or aluminum, while the core material can be made of various materials, including foam, honeycomb, or plywood.

Polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in construction, particularly for walls, roofs, and floors. They provide excellent insulation properties, as the core material acts as a thermal barrier, preventing heat transfer between the inner and outer layers. This helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building and reduce energy consumption. In addition to insulation, sandwich panels offer other benefits such as high strength-to-weight ratio, fire resistance, sound insulation, and ease of installation. They are also commonly used in the transportation industry, such as for the construction of truck bodies, trailers, and containers.

Overall, insulated sandwich panel are a versatile and efficient building material that offers a range of advantages in terms of insulation, strength, and ease of use. You can contact DXH Container House for more information about sandwich panel!

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Polyurethane building boards for walls and roofs offer excellent insulation and protection from UV rays. These PVC sandwich panels are widely used in construction projects in Turkey and Egypt.
The "High Strength Polyurethane Foam FRP Sandwich Refrigerated Truck Insulated Wall Panel Fiberglass Caravan RV Panel for Truckbody" is a durable and insulated wall panel made from polyurethane foam and fiberglass, designed specifically for refrigerated trucks and caravans. It provides high strength and superior insulation to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of perishable goods.
These high density polyurethane sandwich panels are designed for roofing and wall applications, providing excellent insulation and fireproofing capabilities. With laminated construction, they offer durability and superior performance in various environments.
Fireproof Mgo Board Insulation Waterproof Oxide Boards are high-quality building materials specifically designed for wall construction. These boards provide exceptional insulation, moisture resistance, and fireproof properties, making them ideal for enhancing the safety and durability of any structure.
The Glass Magnesium Waterproof Partition Ceiling Mgo Board is a high-quality, durable construction material that offers excellent resistance to moisture and chloride. Its unique magnesium sulfate composition prevents sweat buildup, making it an ideal choice for waterproof and corrosion-resistant ceilings.
The "Fireproof Mgo magnesia board building materials custom glass magnesium board" is a high-quality construction material made from magnesium oxide and custom glass. This durable and fire-resistant board is ideal for various building applications, providing a safe and reliable solution for construction projects.
The Modern Foam Building Materials Board is a color steel plate EPS sandwich panel designed for wall insulation. The soundproof wall panels provide excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction, making them an ideal choice for contemporary construction projects.
The "Lightweight Prefab Fire-proof Sound Proof Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel For External Wall" is a high-performance construction material designed to provide excellent insulation, fire resistance, and soundproofing qualities for external walls. Its lightweight composition, combined with rock wool insulation, ensures energy efficiency and enhanced acoustic comfort.
Insulated Rock Wool/Mineral Fireproof Sandwich Roof Wall Panels are high-quality building materials designed for prefabricated buildings. These panels provide excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance, making them ideal for wall cladding applications.
The "Easy Installation Weather Proof Wall Roof Eps Sandwich Panel" is a cost-effective solution for building exteriors and roofs. Made of polystyrene, these weather-resistant panels offer hassle-free installation and provide excellent insulation properties.
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