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Office Use

Container home office can be suitable for office use and are often more affordable than traditional office buildings, making them a cost-effective option for small businesses or start-ups. 

Portable container office has the following characteristics:


1. Prefabricated container office can be installed and erected quickly, allowing businesses to set up their own office space in less time than traditional buildings. 

2. Shipping container office can be easily transported and relocated, making them suitable for businesses that need flexibility or have temporary office space needs.

3. Container office can be customized to meet specific office requirements, including dividing separate work areas, installing electrical and plumbing systems, and Windows that add natural light.


Container homes for offices are a viable option, especially for businesses looking for cost-effective and flexible solutions. As a container office manufacturer, DXH Container House provide various container offices for sale, such as 10ft container office, 20ft container office,40ft container office and so on. Don’t worry about container office price!

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The Factory Customized Modular Luxury Container Prefab House is a pre-assembled, prefabricated structure designed with glass windows, allowing for natural light to enter the space. It offers a luxurious living experience with its tailored design and high-quality materials.
The Affordable and Easy-to-Assemble Flat Pack Container Home is the ideal prefabricated living solution for those seeking convenience and affordability. With its simple assembly process, this modular home offers a perfect combination of practicality and comfort.
The Modern Flatpack Container Home is a convenient and cost-effective solution for those seeking a ready-to-assemble prefab house. With its wholesale pricing, this innovative container home offers a hassle-free construction process, providing a modern living space that is both functional and stylish.
Introducing our Hurricane-Proof Prefab Homes, offering the perfect blend of ultimate safety and luxurious comfort. These factory-built insulated modular containers, available in 1-5 bedroom options, provide unparalleled protection and exquisite living spaces that are now available for sale.
The Modular Container House offers a simplified and space-efficient living solution that can be customized to fit individual needs. With the benefits of being a prefab house, it combines convenience and functionality for an effortless living experience.
The Supplier Low Cost Modular Unit Home Basin Cheap Prefabricated Container Homes offers an affordable solution for housing needs in Europe. With its two storey design, this prefab modular house provides ample living space while maintaining a budget-friendly price point.
Suitable for units that frequently change construction locations; can be packed in bulk and hoisted as a whole
Suitable for units that frequently change construction locations; can be packed in bulk and hoisted as a whole
Suitable for units that frequently change construction locations; can be packed in bulk and hoisted as a whole
4pcs of detachable container house made into exhibition room, extensive use of glass curtain walls, to facilitate display function.
Detachable house made into dwelling for single people.
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