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Residential Use

Container houses are suitable for residential use and are generally more affordable and relatively quick to build compared to traditional houses. Since the containers are already prefabricated, they can be modified and assembled on site, reducing construction time.


Use containers as building materials to promote recycling and reduce waste. In addition, container houses can be designed to be energy efficient, utilizing insulation and solar panels, which can reduce environmental impact.


Container homes can be shipped to different places, making them suitable for those who want to move or temporary living arrangements. This flexibility can be beneficial for individuals or families who move frequently or like to travel.


Containers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions at sea and are therefore extremely durable. If properly maintained, container houses can have a long service life and require minimal maintenance.

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Ultimate Resilience: Slovenia's Prefabricated Hurricane & Earthquake Proof Modern Home" is a remarkable architectural innovation that showcases Slovenia's cutting-edge technology, offering a prefabricated home solution that combines strength and durability to withstand both hurricanes and earthquakes, providing ultimate peace of mind in disaster-prone regions.
Introducing the Modular Detachable Storage Containers: 2023 China Prefab Sandwich Panels for Warehouse. These innovative containers feature easy-to-assemble sandwich panels, providing a modular and detachable storage solution for warehouses in China.
Luxury Flatpack Container Homes offers an exceptional blend of elegance and convenience with their easy-to-assemble and budget-friendly housing solutions. This reliable supplier ensures a hassle-free experience, providing top-quality container homes that redefine the concept of luxury living.
Experience safety and comfort like never before with our sturdy 2BR hurricane proof prefab houses. These durable flat pack homes are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, providing a secure and cozy living space for you and your loved ones.
The Luxury 2-Storey Container Cottage House is a contemporary and sophisticated living space that combines the functionality of a mobile home with the elegance of a modern design. Designed to be prefab and easily transportable, this luxurious container house offers the perfect blend of style and convenience for those seeking a versatile and upscale living experience.
The "Affordable & Durable Prefab Container House" is a contemporary and earthquake-resistant design that combines affordability and durability. With its modern aesthetics and insulated structure, this house offers a practical and stylish living solution.
Suitable for units that frequently change construction locations; can be packed in bulk and hoisted as a whole
A design with two floors, with garage on the ground floor , makes it suitable as a motel.
2-story detahcable container houses, consists of 5pcs of containers , wooden grain wall panels to enhance aesthetics.
Fashion design detahcable container house . Uses exterior cladding ,makes the whole design more exquisite.
A simple dormitory composed of detachable container houses, with glass curtain walls for better lighting and a better view.
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