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The expandable container house is a striking and innovative residential design that attracts attention for its unique form and flexible function. It adopts a double-wing structure, like a bird with its wings spread out, making its appearance and space layout unique. When the interior space needs to be expanded, the wings can be unfolded, allowing the usable space of the house to be expanded, creating greater living comfort and freedom. Further developing and perfecting the concept of the traditional folding house, the double-wing folding house represents a great leap forward in future residential design.

The expandable container homes is designed with a focus on individuality and flexibility. Each area and room can be customized and divided according to the needs of the occupants, so that the functionality of the house can be maximized. Whether it is a family home, a studio or a leisure space, the expandable modular house can provide a personalized living experience by adjusting the internal structure.

DXH Container House provides different sizes of expandable container homes for selection, such as 20ft, 40ft expandable container house, etc. We are committed to serving every customer well, welcome to inquire!

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The prefabricated expandable container house is an exceptional prefabricated steel structure that offers a luxurious living experience. Crafted from modular shipping containers, this bolt-on home combines modern design, practicality, and sustainability, providing a unique solution for contemporary living.
The China Factory Efficient and Portable Foldable Classroom is a 40ft expandable container house that offers a versatile and convenient solution for educational spaces. With its efficient design and foldable feature, it provides a portable and adaptable classroom environment suitable for various learning needs.
The Factory Cheap 40 ft Double Wings Expandable Container House is a highly affordable and easily assembled living space. With 1 bathroom and a unique foldable design, this 40-foot home offers convenience and practicality for modern living.
The "Portugal 20 Foot Prefab Container Homes" are compact yet fully furnished living spaces crafted from shipping containers. Complete with a toilet, these versatile homes offer a modern and sustainable solution for comfortable living.
The Factory Supply Living 40 Feet Expandable Housing is a luxurious and innovative folding container home designed specifically for Australia and New Zealand. With its expandable features and high-end materials, it provides the perfect solution for those looking for a modern and flexible living space.
Pre-fabricated and ready-made, these portable wooden homes are insulated, expandable container houses that are ideal for flexible living in Australia. With their innovative design and construction, they offer a convenient and sustainable housing solution for those seeking mobility and adaptability.
The Casa Prefabricada Colombia is a convenient, movable A-frame low-rise villa that offers heat insulation and expandable modular features. It is a versatile and energy-efficient home option that can be assembled quickly and easily.
The Luxury Prefab House is a self-sustainable, mobile, and modular living solution that offers the comfort and opulence of a traditional home. Built to be portable and expandable, these prefabricated homes provide a versatile and eco-friendly housing solution for those seeking a luxurious and sustainable lifestyle.
The "Prefabricated Summer House Foldable Homes" is a convenient option for those seeking a flexible living space. With its easy folding and low shipping requirements, this 20-foot expandable container house is an ideal solution for those looking for an efficient and portable housing option.
This cheap and beautiful expandable container house is designed for office and cabin use, offering a customizable layout with an integrated bathroom for convenience.
This is a portable and expandable container house made from a steel structure, with each unit measuring 26sqm. It is conveniently shipped in containers, with 6 units fitting into one container, making it suitable for various residential or commercial purposes.
The Prefab Folding House Steel Houses Price Small Size Portable Expandable Container House is a flexible and compact housing solution designed for commercial use. Its portable nature and expandable features make it an ideal choice for offices seeking a versatile and cost-effective space.
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