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Container houses are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes other than residential, and can also be customized according to the needs of customers. For example: art studio or studio: Container houses can be transformed into creative Spaces for artists, designers or artisans. The compact size and customizable nature of the containers make them suitable for a variety of artistic activities. It can also be used as a temporary shelter in disaster areas. Their durability, mobility and quick installation make them suitable for providing instant housing solutions in emergency situations.


It can also be converted into a small gym, yoga studio or recreation center. They provide a compact, customizable space for fitness enthusiasts or community events.


Overall, container houses offer flexible and sustainable solutions for a variety of uses outside of traditional residential living.

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The "Manufacture European Steel Frame Structure Luxury Flat Pack Container House Cheap Easy Assemble Prefab Homes5" is a cost-effective and stylish prefabricated housing option. Made with high-quality European steel frame structure, these luxury flat pack container houses are easy to assemble and provide a comfortable living space.
2pcs of container connect together , a terrace on top to have a better view.
Customized detahcable container house. Equipped with terrace on top ,makes the whole design more spacious and flexible.
Customized detachable container house made into stylish cafe , enjoy a leisure time .
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