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20ft Expandable Container House

20ft expandable container houses are prefabricated housing structures made of containers. These containers are usually made of steel and have standard sizes such as 10ft (2950*6300*2500mm); 20ft (5800*6300*2500mm); 30ft (9000*6300*2500mm); 40ft (11800*6300*2500mm). By adding insulation, Windows, doors, plumbing, wiring and other necessary amenities, containers are made into livable Spaces. The interior layout can be customized to include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and storage.


20ft expandable container home are known for their durability, portability and cost effectiveness. They can be easily transported and assembled on-site, making them suitable for a variety of applications. DXH Container House expandable container home is detachable and reusable, its size is also very flexible, from 20ft to 40ft or even larger space, several units can be assembled at will.


DXH Container House 20ft expandable container house is widely used in all industries of life, including temporary housing, disaster relief and affordable housing solutions. We always puts the safety of the house and users first, we are equipped with designed by professional engineers who care about every detail, our expandable prefab house produced with high quality and safety standards constitute the most popular living spaces in modular construction.

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The prefabricated expandable container house is an exceptional prefabricated steel structure that offers a luxurious living experience. Crafted from modular shipping containers, this bolt-on home combines modern design, practicality, and sustainability, providing a unique solution for contemporary living.
The "Portugal 20 Foot Prefab Container Homes" are compact yet fully furnished living spaces crafted from shipping containers. Complete with a toilet, these versatile homes offer a modern and sustainable solution for comfortable living.
The Factory Supply Living 40 Feet Expandable Housing is a luxurious and innovative folding container home designed specifically for Australia and New Zealand. With its expandable features and high-end materials, it provides the perfect solution for those looking for a modern and flexible living space.
The "Suppliers Custom Australian Standards Luxury 20 30 40 Ft Prefab Expandable Container House Boxable Multi Foot Prefabricated Home" is a modern and innovative double wing container house that offers customizable luxury living spaces. With its expandable design and adherence to Australian standards, this prefabricated home provides a convenient and stylish solution for those seeking a unique living experience.
The "Wholesale Custom Prefab Luxury Large Expandable Container House High Cube Home Prefabricated With Bathroom And Kitchen For India" is a spacious and luxurious container house designed for the Indian market. It offers a customizable and expandable living space with modern amenities including a bathroom and kitchen, perfect for those seeking a high-quality and convenient housing solution.
The cheapest and most convenient solution for housing - our detachable container house offers an affordable and portable living space that can be easily assembled and disassembled as per your needs.
Containerized Garden: Transform Your Outdoor Space with a Sustainable Garden House" is a guidebook that offers innovative ideas and practical tips on creating a sustainable garden house, utilizing containers to maximize space and promote eco-friendly gardening practices. With vivid illustrations and expert advice, this book inspires individuals to cultivate their own green havens while minimizing environmental impact.
Ultimate Freedom is a cutting-edge portable prefab container home that offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality. With its expandable design and trailer feature, this innovative housing solution embodies the true essence of freedom and adaptability.
The "Instantly Deployable Insulated 3-in-1 Prefab Container Home with Toilet for France" is a versatile and efficient housing solution. It offers instant deployment, excellent insulation, and includes a fully functional toilet, making it ideal for accommodating various needs in France.
Introducing the Expandable Container House, a versatile and innovative prefabricated folding home available for a limited time as a free sample. With competitive pricing and options for 20/40 ft sizes, this avant-garde living solution offers flexibility and convenience like never before.
On the island, Sika deer were nurtured in specially designed container houses, providing them with a safe and secure environment. These unique structures served as their home, offering protection and care for their well-being.
The Expandable Luxury Container House is a wholesale prefab home designed for India, equipped with a bathroom and kitchen. This versatile and stylish housing solution provides affordable luxury and can be easily expanded to meet growing space requirements.
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