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expandable prefab house case


Today I will take you to see a expandable container house with a light luxury decoration style.

expandable prefab house case 1

The first thing that catches your eye is the stylistic porch,This porch is of good quality and matches the style of the house very well,It has a good look and is also very practical,You can rest and chat with your family and friends at this porch.

expandable prefab house case 2

Entering the interior of the room, the simple and luxurious decoration style I think most people will fall in love,it incloude 2bedrooms 1 living room 1 kitchen room and 1 bathroom, it can meet the daily needs of two or three people. The floors, wall panels and ceilings inside the house can be customised to your specifications. 

expandable prefab house case 3

expandable prefab house case 4

expandable prefab house case 5

expandable prefab house case 6

expandable prefab house case 7

The customization of the house is high, and you can choose the furniture to decorate according to your preferences,Its DIY attributes and foldable shipping features are becoming more and more popular. Don't you want to own a house like this,If you are interested in this prefabhouse you can search DXHcontainer,waiting for your reply.

Foldable container house project case
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