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The Advantages of Capsule Container Houses: A Show-stopping Innovation


The Advantages of Capsule Container Houses: A Show-stopping Innovation 1

Compared to traditional houses, the advantages of outdoor capsules container house are:

  1. The appearance of their capsule is very unique, very individual, very attractive, and full of science and technology.

  2. Their capsule is mobile, does not damage the environment, and is not subject to geographical restrictions

  3. The interior of their capsule is equipped with smart home, from unlocking the door to the small bulb, which is very convenient.

  4. Their capsule comes with an integrated biochemical system and photovoltaic system, which meets the standard of energy conservation and emission reduction and solves the problem of sewage treatment.

  5. Their capsule is made of food-grade resin and glass fiber glass fiber molding, which has high strength, cold and heat resistance, and long service life.

The Advantages of Capsule Container Houses: A Show-stopping Innovation 2

  The capsule container house is made of a cool white aviation aluminum shell, with double-layer panoramic tempered glass, ultra-light vision is unobstructed, panoramic lighting is unobstructed, the whole house intelligent control system inside the homestay, one-key switching constant temperature control and electric curtain skylight experience, one bedroom, one living room and one bathroom space layout, to meet the needs of daily life, the overall fine decoration delivery, large bedroom multi-functional living room, dry and wet separation design of the bathroom, 270-degree panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, but also with a large terrace, you can also choose to configure the projector, electric floor heating, central air conditioning and other equipment, on-site installation only takes two hours, not limited to terrain, not limited to foundation.

The Advantages of Capsule Container Houses: A Show-stopping Innovation 3

  Due to the sense of technology and novelty of the capsule container house, it has become the preferred accommodation method for many tourists. Especially during the tourist season, the booking volume of this capsule is often very high, and many tourists need to book in advance to experience this type of accommodation, which is suitable for those who like science fiction and adventure, you may wish to find a place like this for a night, I believe you will fall in love with it.

The Advantages of Capsule Container Houses: A Show-stopping Innovation 4

  The design innovation in many aspects not only makes people feel the wonderful experience of appreciating the starry sky in space, but also improves the quality of living and meets the needs of most people living outside. Let us enjoy a quiet and beautiful living environment in a fast-paced life.

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