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Expandable Container House Installation Video

Welcome to our expandable Container House installation video, which demonstrates the incredible convenience and efficiency of our expandable container homes. Witness the extraordinary installation of our innovatively designed houses in just a few seconds. Find out how our best-in-class technology allows you to set up quickly and easily, providing you with a functional and stylish living space.

Welcome to our installation video, which shows the seamless installation process, in fact, the entire house can be installed in just 10 minutes. Through video, witness our innovative design of the house transformed into a fully functional living space.


Committed to delivering superior quality and convenience, DXH utilizes best-in-class technology that allows for fast and hassle-free setup. With our container houses, you can say goodbye to the long and arduous construction process. Like a blink of an eye, your new home will be ready to meet your needs.


Our brand "DXH" is synonymous with integrity, quality, common development and win-win. As a customer-focused company, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and maximum customer satisfaction. With this campaign, we aim to accurately reflect our brand values and commitment to excellence.


We understand that time is of the essence, which is why DXH's expandable container homes save you time without compromising style and practicality. In just ten minutes, witness the magic unfold as our house expands effortlessly to meet your requirements. Excellent efficiency ensures that you have a comfortable and beautiful living space at all times.


Whether you need a contemporary home, a functional office or a temporary accommodation solution, DXH's scalable container homes are the perfect choice. Experience the combination of modern design and a fast installation process while maintaining the highest level of quality.

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