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A container house office with storage


"Innovative design in DXH Suzhou Daxiang Container Housing Co., LTD.

A container house office with storage 1

Using 5 containers to form a 9*9m size space, it can be used to store goods and set up offices, especially suitable for people who open Internet stores on the Internet.

This one is made using our premium detachable container house, which is made up of 3 units 3 x 6m containers with a total space of 54 square meters. A rolling shutter door is set up at the front end to facilitate the entry and exit of goods, and a small door is set up at the back end to facilitate the entry and exit of people. In this space, we can place several large shelves to store goods, and the space is very sufficient.

On the other side, 3*9m space can be used for office use, or the office area can be set to 3*6m, and the remaining 3*3m space can be used for bathroom or personal living bedroom.

A container house office with storage 2

If you need a large bathroom, you can also buy a two-in-one bathroom for outdoor bathing, and use the space of the container to the extreme!

A container house office with storage 3

In addition, the container houses are designed with insulating materials to ensure a comfortable working environment even in extreme weather conditions. The walls and roof are made of high quality materials with excellent insulation and sound insulation.

A container house office with storage 4

The container house is also equipped with wires and outlets to allow for the installation of lighting and appliances. This makes it very convenient to set up office space in a container house.

A container house office with storage 5

The use of containers as storage and office space is particularly suitable for individuals running online stores. It provides a cost-effective and flexible solution as containers can be easily transported and assembled in different locations.

A container house office with storage 6

Overall, the 9 x 9 meter container house offers plenty of space for storage and office, making it ideal for individuals looking to expand their Internet business and ideal for early stage entrepreneurs!"

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