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Custom multi-garage design using container


Large container home garage can be customized according to your needs, if you have more than 1 2 cars in your home, you can choose our customized container garage. We will design the right container garage for you according to your needs and the size of the space.

Custom multi-garage design using container 1

In general, we will use detachable containers to make container garages, detachable containers have many advantages, such as: high degree of customization, durable, fireproof, waterproof, heat insulation, heat preservation, is currently the world's highest use of container materials, but also greatly save manufacturing costs. And can be installed according to the needs of multiple units.

Custom multi-garage design using container 2

Our container garage design can be multi-directional design, vehicles can be parked in different directions, do not need to make big turns, can help people better park vehicles, maximize the use of available space, and can park more vehicles in one area.

Custom multi-garage design using container 3

Safety, don't worry about it. Our container garage, the quality is very good, pressure resistance, even if it rains, snows, and even earthquakes will not have any collapse, of course, we will according to your area and the situation, decide whether to strengthen the parts for you, to make better use of.

Custom multi-garage design using container 4

At the same time, we can also support customization, such as manual shutter doors, electric shutter doors, lighting, ventilation, power socket lamp functions, and can also provide a home charging setting for new energy vehicles.

Custom multi-garage design using container 5

Finally, our container garage is easy to move around and can be adjusted for area placement at any time. And its service life reaches more than 15 years. We will provide after sale installation guidance and one year of free after sale due to quality problems.

If you want, you can contact me via WhatsApp: +86-18662563615 or email: tang@dxprefabhouse.com to customize your garage design!

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