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Customized seaside container house project in Brazil


Last week, a customer in Brazil contacted me through our website. He bought a piece of land in a coastal area of Brazil on which he wanted to build 150 container houses. Because the area is under development, and he's waiting for government building permits. He wants to import some container houses from China for his project and design and test its usability with us.

A two-story container house with a terrace was designed, but he had no idea how to properly design his container house.

In the beginning, he just wanted two 20ft containers house and stacked one on top of the other as a temporary home. He wanted to use it by the sea, with the upper container as a couple's bedroom with a bathroom and the lower container as a living room with a kitchen. In addition he wanted the complete house, including plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom, direct and indirect lighting for the interior, and exterior lighting for the front. And all the basic accessories like home appliances and televisions. There are also external stairs leading to the top of the building.

I sent him a picture according to his description, which met his general needs.

Customized seaside container house project in Brazil 1

After further communication, the customer replied and increased the use requirement: he hoped that the door could be inverted according to the length of the container. Large double doors. There are ladders to get to the top of the second container. If possible, there is also a balcony 2 meters high on four sides.

After determining the basic setting, I asked the designer to design the look of the house according to his needs. Explain the feasibility of these options, the benefits and drawbacks, and how much additional costs would be required. Finally, with my understanding of container houses combined with his applicable occasions, I gave professional advice.

Customized seaside container house project in Brazil 2Customized seaside container house project in Brazil 3Customized seaside container house project in Brazil 4

The client saw the renderings and was very satisfied, he originally thought that the terrace at the top was difficult to achieve, but unexpectedly it was allowed. The customer said that the use of the terrace is very important, because the temperature there is always very hot, around 30 degrees Celsius all year round, so the use of the terrace is very important. Then I came up with some customizable solutions based on the client's situation: the location of the client is very hot, so insulation is necessary, and then on the beach, corrosion resistant roof and walls are also necessary. Therefore, I suggest that he use EPS foam board with a thickness of 135mm or PU polyurethane board for roof insulation, which will have a much better effect than ordinary ones. In addition, PU polyurethane can be used for the walls, which can effectively prevent wall corrosion.

Customized seaside container house project in Brazil 5Customized seaside container house project in Brazil 6

After finalizing the materials, we began to communicate about the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room Settings, after more than ten days of communication, we finally finalized the program and reached an agreement. The customer promptly paid the deposit, and our factory began to arrange production.

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