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How to choose the right container house?


Are you still looking for a family-friendly house? Do you also want to get such a house designed by yourself. So what do you need to be ready to do before you customize your home?

How to choose the right container house? 1How to choose the right container house? 2How to choose the right container house? 3

1. Planning and design:

- Determine the size and layout of the container house according to your needs and available space.

- Consider the number of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and any additional features such as a roof terrace or garden.

- It is also possible to incorporate a sense of design by choosing modern elements, such as large Windows, unique door designs or creative exterior cladding options.

- Need to ensure that the design allows for proper insulation, ventilation and natural light.

How to choose the right container house? 4

2. Obtain the necessary permits:

- Check with the local government or building department to obtain the necessary construction permits.

- Ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.

How to choose the right container house? 5

3. Site preparation:

- Clean up the construction area and level the ground.

- Install a solid foundation or concrete slab to ensure the stability and durability of the container house.

How to choose the right container house? 6

4. Container selection and modification:

- We will choose the right container house for you according to your design and size requirements.

- We will ensure that the container is in good condition, free from corrosion, damage and other defects.

- Containers can be modified according to the design scheme, including cutting door and window openings and connecting containers to create the desired layout.

- Reinforce the container with additional steel beams or columns to ensure structural integrity.

How to choose the right container house? 7

5. Insulation and utilities:

- We insulate the walls, ceilings and floors of containers to ensure energy efficiency and comfort.

- Install plumbing, wiring and HVAC system according to design plan.

- We manufacture insulation and energy-saving appliances using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

How to choose the right container house? 8

6. Interior and exterior finishes:

- You can choose to add quality and visually appealing upholstery materials such as floors, walls and cabinets.

- Incorporate a sense of design through color schemes, textures and decorative elements.

- You can customize the installation of large Windows and glass doors to your needs, enhancing natural light and providing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor Spaces.

How to choose the right container house? 9

These are some of the necessary criteria to choose a house, if you still don't know what to choose, you can contact me on WhatsApp: 86-18662563615, or email me at tang@dxprefabhouse.com. I will do my best to help you.

How to choose the right container house? 10

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