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How to correctly install detachable container houses?


After many customers purchase detachable container houses, they do not know how to install them and often make mistakes during installation. So how should we correctly install detachable container houses?

1. Install the bottom

  The first step is to use carriage screws to connect and fix the corner head with the lower beam.

In the second step, use screws to alternately fix the bottom 40*80 and 80*80 galvanized square tubes to the lower long beam slot.

2. Install the uprights and fix them with carriage screws as well.

3. Install the top frame and fix it with carriage screws

4. Install wall panels, doors and windows in an orderly manner

5. Apply glue to the bottom square tube, lay the floor, and fix it with floor nails.

6. When installing the pressure plate groove, you need to put a waterproof strip on the pressure plate groove, and use screws to fix the pressure plate groove and the cross beam.

7. Install the top

Install the top bracket 50*50 galvanized square tube

Connect and fix the 40*60 and 40*80 galvanized square tubes to the bracket. Install the 40*80 square tube in the middle and the 40*60 square tube on both sides.

Install the ceiling tiles in sequence and fix them with 25mm self-tapping screws

Lay glass wool

Install the roof tiles in sequence, fix them with screws and apply glue

8. Finally, apply glue to the gaps between the door, window and wall panels.


The above is the entire process of how to install a detachable container house.

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