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The Prefab House is designed with a light steel skeleton, providing a robust and durable construction. The shell material used is a sandwich board, consisting of an insulating core sandwiched between two layers of color steel. This combination ensures excellent insulation and weather resistance.




Prefab House components are bolted together for easy assembly and disassembly. This modular design enables fast construction and flexibility to adjust the layout if needed.


The standard size of the Prefab House base box is 3.64*6.16 meters. However, sizes can be customized on request. This allows the house to be customized to meet specific requirements and preferences.




With light steel construction, sandwich panel housing and modular design, Prefab House provides a cost-effective solution to housing needs.

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The Affordable and Effortless K-Type Prefab Home is a hassle-free construction site camp that offers a cost-effective housing solution. With its easy assembly and affordability, it is an ideal choice for construction projects looking for efficient and comfortable accommodations.
Introducing our Effortless Temporary Housing Solution, a customizable and modular prefab home specifically designed for construction sites. With its flexibility and ease of assembly, it provides a convenient and comfortable living space for workers, ensuring their accommodation needs are met efficiently.
The Rapid & Robust Prefab K House is a highly efficient and durable solution for labor camps. This prefab structure ensures quick assembly and offers a safe and comfortable living environment for workers.
The "Efficient and Spacious: Two-Storey Steel Frame Prefab House for Labour Camps and Dormitories" is a modern and practical solution designed to meet the accommodation needs of labour camps and dormitories. With its steel frame construction, it offers both efficiency and ample space for comfortable living.
The 2024 Modern One-Floor Prefab House offers an affordable and stylish living solution. This convenient one-floor design combines contemporary aesthetics with cost-effective prefabrication, making it an ideal choice for modern homeowners seeking an efficient and trendy dwelling.
Introducing our affordable Type K prefab homes - mobile and modular container houses. These innovative homes provide a cost-effective solution, combining versatility and sustainability to meet your housing needs with ease.
The "Efficient and Portable Temporary Prefabricated Housing Solution - New T Type Prefab House" offers an innovative, cost-effective and easily transportable housing solution. With its efficient design and prefabricated construction, it provides a convenient and sustainable temporary living space.
The "Affordable Quick Install K-type Modular Mobile Prefab House for Labor Worker Dorms & Barracks" is a cost-effective and easily assembled housing solution designed specifically for labor workers. This modular mobile prefab house offers comfortable dormitories and barracks, providing a convenient and efficient living space for workers.
The Modular K House is a sleek and modern prefabricated home built in the K-style architectural design. Made with highly efficient sandwich panels, this house offers a quick and easy solution for those looking for a stylish and energy-efficient living space.
Introducing our K-Type Prefabricated House in China! Offering affordability, customizability, and quality construction, these houses are now on sale, making them a perfect choice for those seeking affordable and tailor-made housing solutions.
The 3-Bedroom Prefab House in China offers an affordable, efficient, and portable living solution. With its innovative design and construction, it provides a practical housing option for individuals looking for comfortable and convenient living spaces.
This portable prefab concrete house is the go-to choice for construction sites due to its lightweight Eps sandwich wall panels. Designed for convenience, it offers a quick and efficient solution with its easy assembly and disassembly.
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