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We received a inquiry on platform


We received a inquiry on platform ,customer required detachable container house for testing, if everything goes well, more quantity in the future can be expected , this products is very popular in southeast asia.

We received a inquiry on platform 1

Customer very interested in this products , asked many aspects of this products ,like customize options, materials ,structures ,insulation and waterproof performance. After all the negotiation , customer confirmed his order requests , and ready to place an order .

We received a inquiry on platform 2

We received a inquiry on platform 3

When the container house arrived , very glad that everything was in good condition , and had a Video chat with customers, to help him set up the house, installation has always been a problem For customers who ordered this products ,especially for someone new to this one , but we have very exhaustive instruction manual and videos to assist customer, also 24*7 after-sale service can support video chat to guide customers directly. 

We received a inquiry on platform 4

Customer is not familiar with this kind of container house ,so encountered many problems at first, like the stage of the installation , and which beams should be on top and bottoms, which part should be glued etc, fortunately , customer is very concentrate and bright, so easily managed to install one sample on that day , and was excited to share his house with us .

We received a inquiry on platform 5

Finally, with our strict production process ,inspection before dispatch ,and great attention to the transportation ,after-sale service, customer pretty satisfied with this order, and willing to have more cooperation in the future !


When the Covid-19 was rampant in China
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